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School Site Solutions is a Brisbane-based web design business, specialising in the design and maintenance of school websites.

A website is a "must have" for schools. Apart from being a marketing tool, conveying information to families in other parts of Australia or overseas, one of its most important benefits is as an invaluable means of communication to existing families of the school, keeping them informed of school policies, events etc.

The aim of School Site Solutions is to create affordable websites customised to meet the individual requirements of each of our clients. We will develop your school website from start to finish. School websites should be visually appealing, fast loading and easy to navigate - providing an efficient communication tool for the school.

Our services include:
  • web design & re-design
  • website content editing
  • domain registration

Often it isn't the design of a school website that lets it down, but the maintenance of it. A school website should be a vibrant, current and ever-changing communication tool. A quick glance by a visitor to the site should convey the many exciting events and activities that are happening within the school on a daily basis.

Take the stress out of your school website maintenance, let School Site Solutions look after it for you. Our staff have extensive experience in school administration and IT, which assists us in ensuring that the school website is everything it is required to be. Our maintenance rates are kept at an affordable level so that the school secretary, Teacher-Librarian or IT Technician can be relieved of this often onerous task without "breaking" the school budget.

We offer maintenance services for websites built on a variety of platforms, i.e. Sharepoint, Wordpress, Weebly and straight HTML sites. 

Contact School Site Solutions today to ensure that your website is giving the right impression of your school.


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